MSP-Turned-ISV Takes on Mature PSA Market

Published in DevPro Journal, February 12, 2019

Paul Azad, founder of ServiceTree, helps users overcome onboarding and productivity challenges with professional services automation with operational focus.

Should an ISV Sell Hardware?

Published in DevPro Journal, June 14, 2018

A look at the benefits, considerations, and alternatives to selling applications as a part of a total solution.

Technology Trend Articles

How to Sell AI to a Disillusioned Market

Published in DevPro Journal, October 16, 2018

AI hype and elevated expectations can make it hard to sell viable solutions. These tips can help your messaging rise above the noise.

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Case Studies

Glimpse Gives Managers "Eyes: on 5 Bars in Miami Emporium

Published in DevPro Journal, October 24, 2018

The Glimpse Performance Insights solution allows La Centrale to ensure all employees are following standard procedures and customers receive consistent, high-quality service.

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GBT POS Cash Discount Page

Published 2019

Global Business Technologies published information about its software's capability to facilitate a cash discount program.